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top educational institutions worldwide
top educational institutions worldwide
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top educational institutions worldwide

Start your path to success with our proven method, now available online in India

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Our mission is simple: breaking down geographic barriers to deliver high-quality school education to children across the planet

11 years

of worldwide presence


students enrolled globally


collaborating schools and universities


dedicated faculty and staff members

Let's face it. Competing with European and North American students for admission to global universities isn't easy

What problems are we solving
Curriculum Challenge
Indian syllabi, including CBSE, State boards, and ICSE, often fall short in international recognition, placing Indian students at a disadvantage during university admissions abroad.
Portfolio Gaps
Indian board students often have weaker academic portfolios compared to international students, and a portfolio alone doesn't guarantee entry into top Western universities.
Consultant Limitations
Differing from many who start in the 11th Grade and often give generic advice, we begin guidance in the 9th Grade, providing specific support to bridge portfolio gaps for university admissions.
Expensive IB Schools
IB schools can be pricey, sometimes costing up to 10 times more than CBSE education, and there's no guarantee of admission.
Missed Opportunities
Many students aren't aware of study abroad programs that can save time and money. They also lack early-age guidance and mentorship.

High School Pathway

Choose a special preparatory program connected to your future specialty and study goals.

Global Competitiveness

Choose from 200+ subjects and secure 6 credits, surpassing standard Indian students. Starting early puts you ten steps ahead in the race.

Shape Your Unique Learning Path

Continue your studies at your Indian school while customizing your online learning at your own pace, all from the comfort of your home and with access to a US or Canadian school.

No Additional Preparation

Bypass the requirement for foundation programs, community college, or credit recovery.

Enhance Your GPA and Portfolio with AP Courses

AP courses not only contribute to GPA increases but also earn you valuable university credits and make your portfolio stronger.

We stand by you every step on the way

Strong Portfolio

One that triples your chances of admission with a globally recognized US or Canadian High School Diploma.

Tailored Guidance

We listen to your goals, needs, and budget, providing a customized roadmap that aligns with your aspirations.

Streamlined Application Support

From LOR formats to SOPs, form filling, and TATs, we're here to assist you at every step of the university application process.

Effortless Admission Process

Gain access to our extensive network of 250+ partner schools and universities, simplifying your path to enrollment.

Choose your Pathway to a desired university

For 9-12 grades

Computer Science Pathway

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science
Information Management
Data Management
Adv. Physics
+ 15 more subjects


International Business
Probability and Statistics
Financial Mathematics
Advertising and Sales Promotion
+ 15 more subjects

Your child will get a globally recognized Canadian diploma

Diplom Partner School | Educate Online India

Admission chances

Applicant greatly increases their chances for successful admission in Canada

Scholarship prospects

Applicant becomes eligible to apply for standard university scholarships

No entrance tests

Canadian school curriculum frees your child from university entrance and language exams
USA and Canada | Educate Online India

Study like a native

The diploma allows your child to apply as a Canadian student, without any additional paperwork

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Educate Online? What is your track record?

Educate Online has been delivering online education globally for 11 years, extending our presence to 18 countries. We collaborate with highly accredited schools in the US, UK, and Canada, and have established partnerships with over 150 universities worldwide.

How can I get a university admission easily?

A well-rounded portfolio is key. By showcasing a balance of strong academic achievements and active involvement in extracurricular activities, you can significantly boost your chances of gaining admission to your desired university.

What constitutes a strong portfolio?

An effective portfolio includes excellent academic performance coupled with a rich array of co-curricular and extra-curricular involvements. This should reflect engagement in areas like sports, arts, music, and community service, showcasing your multifaceted talents and commitment to diverse interests.

Tailored Pathways

Craft your academic journey with Pathway programs that align with your aspirations, paving the way to university and beyond.
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Student Success Stories

Marina found classes at Braemar to be taught in a dynamic and engaging way.
After graduation she joined York University with 50% scholarship
Marina, 16 y.o.
Full Diploma Program
Studied in Canadian high school
Enrolled in a Canadian university
Hamsu, 17 y.o.
Studied in the US high school
Enrolled in the US university
In my essay, I included the Psychology course I took with Educate Online because it played a crucial role in demonstrating my experience in the field I want to work in.
I got my Ontario Secondary School Diploma in just 10 months. It helped me understand my potential and also secured my desired university admission.
Anisha, 17 y.o.
Studied in Canadian high school
Enrolled in a Canadian university
Roshan, 16 y.o.
AP Courses
in Crimson Academy
for the US University
My ambition was to take AP courses that could help me know what I wanted to do with my career and when I joined Educate Online's program, things started to flow.

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